Study visit | Potsdam

June 2012

From 11th to 15th June 2012, 13 European people met in Potsdam, Germany, for the first study-visit of the EU’GO project.
Gathered around the topic of urban gardening, these gardeners, garden managers and project coordinators have had the opportunity to share and exchange about their gardens and practices. Together, they have discovered the reality of urban gardens in Potsdam and Berlin.

The Inwole organisation, host of the visit, has created its own urban garden. This project house provides indeed cheap meals for the local community and uses therefore the products of its garden. The garden is cultivated in a collective way and, each week, moments are dedicated for the gardeners to meet and discover the others.

The European group experienced a guerrilla gardening activity: « seed bombs ». The participants created them with seeds, argyle and soil, and the next day they went by bicycle to spread them around Potsdam.


The group visited one other garden in Potsdam: the intercultural garden am Schlaaz, where families from various cultures grow their products and children of the neighbouring schools come for educational activities on nature and sustainable development.
Then, Berlin being a close city with a particular history, the participants had the opportunity to visit 3 different urban community gardens. The first one “Prinzessinengärten” is a nomad garden installed on a “no man’s land” in the middle of the city, all cultures can be moved easily if they are forced to go elsewhere. The second garden – “Ton Steine” – was first occupied by the population that then found an agreement with the municipality to maintain the garden. It is a garden without any barriers and which is anyway respected by the neighbours. The third garden – “Allmende Kontor” – is also a nomad garden that was installed on a former airport. Familial plots are designed in an artistic way which makes the visit of this garden particularly entertaining.The participants went back to their country and gardens full of ideas to develop and practices to experiment…