At a conference on ESD

Pistes Solidaires presented the EUGO project at a national conference on Education to sustainable development.

In Lyon was organized from March 5th to March 7th a national conference “Assises nationales de l’éducation à l’environnement et au développement durable”. Pistes Solidaires organisation has actively participated to this conference, among more than 1200 other representatives of this field.

The event enabled Pistes Solidaires to make a public presentation at national level on the EU’GO project. The public was very enthusiastic about it, the exchanges were fruitful and numerous, and new ideas of partnerships emerged, beyond Marseille and the Provence-Alps-Côte-d-Azur (PACA) region.

Pistes Solidaires met representatives of community gardens from other parts of France and informed them on the EU’GO project and the resources collected and created until now in the participating gardens as well as on the EUGO method to come in a few months.

A meeting between stakeholders from the PACA region enabled us to define common perspectives at regional level, between NGOs, public authorities and training organisations, as well as to prepare the hosting of the national conference on sustainable development (“Assises nationales du développement durable”), to be held in Marseille, in November 2013.

The European day for education to sustainable development happened on March 4th with 250 European stakeholders and was a great opportunity for dialogue, exchange, debate and partnership building about European policy, programmes and projects.

The participants to the conference have built proposals for actions addressed to politicians and will be discussed during the Environmental Conference organised by the Ministry of Ecology, sustainable development and energy in September 2013.

One of these 11 proposals is an “action plan to take the best of experiences conducted around the garden as a space to educate on environmental health”, which shows good perspective and consideration for the educational initiatives launched by community gardens.

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