Projekthaus Potsdam Babelsberg

The Projekthaus Potsdam Babelsberg is a self-organised centre which offers a basis for public project work. Here the different aspects of life (work, education, social and political engagement, culture, habitation) are linked together.

The main fields of activity are the extracurricular education, creative and handicraft activities, solidarity-based economy, ecological education, international anti-racist projects and integration projects. These activities are supported with rooms, infrastructure, knowledge and finance.

Ecological project

The Projekthaus develops models which are based on a community life and ecological commitment. An ecological lifestyle is promoted and often members of the Projekthaus participate in public discussions on this subject.

At the moment there are several projects running in the ecological and sustainable sector including an Urban Garden Project, for which participants meet every Monday. We work on different plots around the large property of the Projekthaus (around 6.000 m²) and exchange experiences and practical activities with other European garden projects. We then put some of these into action on site.

In the last few months, we have built two Potato-Towers and tinkered several “Gardens in a box” from recycled milk cartons. We planted different herbs, which we use in the kitchen and in some “Gardens in a bag” we also planted potatoes.


We are currently planning and creating a permacultural plot. As the weather was not good, unfortunately we were unable to work and plant much at the beginning. But now everything is sprouting and thriving and we are happy about the plants and their taste.

At the middle of June we have been visited by participants from different European countries. With them we hosted a herbal tramp, created soap, herb salt, powder to make toothpaste and natural cosmetics. It was a very interesting experience for everyone and brought a lot of joy to us.

Now we are working hard to revive the permacultural plot, which takes a lot of time.

Bye Bye, the plot is calling…