Seed bombing in Plan d’Aou (Marseille, 15th district)

We prepared an activity within the European project on urban community gardens, putting into practice a technique coming from our European peers. We chose in Cosmos Kolej organisation to test and adapt the experience of our colleagues in Potsdam (Germany): the seed bombs!

This technique consists of making bowls from a mix of clay, soil and seeds that we then discard while walking and, helped by the natural elements, enabling the plants to grow from the seeds inside.

We have mostly used seeds from our gardens’ plants or that we have exchanged with gardeners: sunflower, aster, vetch, basil, peppers… We have also included seeds from trees and bushes: magnolia, vitex, mock orange…

Our test enabled 5 adults to be introduced to this technique. Our cameraman was Marlène Benzler, from Pistes Solidaires organization, coordinator of the EU’GO project and partner of the Network of Mediterranean solidarity-based gardens (RJSM).

It was a great opportunity to practice our educational skills: we used the holiday period to invite children of the neighbourhood and their families to prepare seed bombs just outside their building.

To make the experience more fun, , we decided that the participants should choose which seeds they wanted to put into the bombs and therefore we:

  • Prepared pictures of the plants we had chosen, so that they could identify the seeds

  • Put each seed specie in a box

  • Softened the soil in a wet towel before the activity

  • Brought along two buckets, made sure there was water to wash the hands and a wax cloth to work on the table

This activity was a huge success, around 30 children and 4 adults participated.

Showing images of the plants and recognizing differences between seeds was an interesting exercise: we talked about the uses of plants for cooking (basil, pepper, squash) and to enhance the environment (sunflower…).

At the end we closed the activity by throwing our “bombs” on an abandoned area that is destined to be a green space.

Dominique REINOSA (garden activity leader) and Alix BONNEAU (volunteer) at the Jardins de Forest of Cosmos Kolej organisation