“Croq’ Jardin” an exemplary shared garden

Once upon a time …

In 2000, through the enthusiasm of some inhabitants, Croq Jardin was born, to allow them to come together and garden.

A few years later, the purpose of garden also becomes educational: children and adolescents are involved in the creation of the garden during participatory projects.

The garden becomes a place of collective expression, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue.

Family gardens and a collective plot are installed to meet all expectations.

Our aims:

Allow local inhabitants to practice gardening

Welcome adolescents with social problems

Environmental education for all

Since the first day, the prevailing values in our project have been :

The diversity (social mix, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue)

mutual support,


the wish that everyone, on their own level, can find a place in our garden

The events:

Workshops and participatory projects

composting workshops – (the first Saturday of each month)

Environmental Activities for schools (kindergarten to college)

“Everybody in the garden! “Open day, plants and seeds barter, workshops – (early May)

Trainings and awareness Days


Structure of the garden, crops, production, management

Total area: 1 ½ hectare

A collective vegetable plot (600 square meters): the produce from the collective plot is shared equally among the beneficiaries who are involved, alongside a lead gardener.

Another collective plot, composed of an orchard and a grain field, is grown with the aid of a local farmer

“individual” plots for families and for groups (a school, an organization for disabled people…): these are grown for self-production. Monthly group meetings provide a good way of managing these plots

An educational area (½ hectare): on which is installed a henhouse, a pathway demonstrating water mechanisms, an educational water pond, a botanical trail, a medicinal plants garden and a vegetable garden (the plot is grown to demonstrate organic gardening).

A participative compost area (for restaurants and market gardeners of the city)

Equipement and infrastructure:

Many participatory projects (teens and adults) are used to develop the site each year a little more.

convivial: picnic area, bread oven, solar cooking,

composting area for gardeners,

dry toilets


training room, tools shed and tipi

Wind and solar power.


Access: by car and bus – accessibility for persons with limited mobility

Where is it located: Croq’Jardin is in the South of France (Quartier les Bouygons – 13640 La Roque d’Anthéron)

Opening and visit: from the 15th of March to the 15th of October, the garden is open every morning from Tuesday to Saturday + Free entry when a gardener is already in the garden.

Contact : Jean ANDRE is the person in charge of the garden, as an employee of the organization “Fédération des Foyers Ruraux des Bouches du Rhône » (4 Cours de la République – BP 20017 – 13350 Charleval)

Email : Jean-claude.andre@mouvement-rural.org

Mobile phone : 0033 6 372 00 585

Links :

Here are some video links to see this garden.

Then two videos to give you a taste of the elearning platform that will very soon be online:

Collective composting in a shared garden – Croq Garden: http://youtu.be/MfHz6D9Kz58

Training in Croq Garden “Tutorial – collective construction of a parabolic solar cooker” http://youtu.be/SFivWFgUR-M