• the Horticultural Therapy Trust awarded by The Telegraph

    20 November 2013

    In the UK, the Horticultural Therapy Trust has received a Highly Commended in the “Gardening Against the Odds” awards for 2012.  The awards are given annually by The Telegraph newspaper to gardens that demonstrate inspirational qualities; triumph over adversity, such […]


    11 November 2013

    At Hort Phoenicurus in Cardedeu, we try to create a space which is not only productive but also beautiful. We want it to be productive, because our vegetables feed the thirty or so families which belong to the cooperative “Cardedeu Autosuficient”, a very exciting local initiative which unites responsible consumption and production.

  • UK training course in setting up a community garden…

    7 November 2013

    If you are thinking about setting up your own community garden, or looking for further information to develop an existing garden, the UK Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens is holding a training course about ‘Setting Up a Community […]

  • Intercultural dialogue – the example of the Integration Garten am Schlaatz

    4 September 2013

    Where this takes place more than in an Intercultural garden? Carla Villwock, from the Integrationsgarten am Schlaatz, talks about her experience in her garden.

  • Intercultural Gardens

    4 September 2013

    Intercultural gardens have existed in Germany since the 1990s and provide a meeting place for people of all cultures, lifestyles and social origins.

  • A story of active citizenship and participation. An urban garden for…

    4 September 2013

    When an area of land is intended to be a Park, it becomes a park and the Municipality is in charge of its creation and maintenance. Sometimes a green area is green only because wild plants are growing inside it.