Six European organisations, settled in urban areas, are united to work on the innovative tool of urban community gardens.
The organisations are located in 5 different cities, enabling the project to cover a representative spectrum of Europe.
The general coordination of the project in ensured by Pistes-Solidaires.

  • Réseau des Jardins Solidaires Méditerranéens

      Marseille and Mediteranean region, France     The Réseau des Jardins Solidaires Méditerranéens, hereafter “RJSM” , is a network which gathers a variety of associative gardens and organisations related to gardens in the South East of France, in the […]

  • Cemea del Mezzogiorno

       Rome, Italy   THE ASSOCIATION CEMEA del Mezzogiorno is an ONLUS (not for profit organization of social utility) placed in Rome and its action deals with disadvantaged young people, the promotion of non formal education through training, the development […]

  • KC English

        Plymouth, United Kingdom   KC English is a communications and training organisation. We provide language classes in English for migrant workers and foreign visitors to the UK, also French, Spanish and Polish classes for English speakers. We arrange […]

  • Inwole

          Potsdam, Germany   The Inwole e.V. organisation is in charge of a Project House in Potsdam. Here we try to reconnect different aspects of life (settlement, work, social, cultural, politics), which are often separated in modern cities. […]

  • Nexes Interculturals

    Barcelona, Spain   Nexes Interculturals is a youth association working social transformation and active participation through intercultural and local experiences of young people. Since 10 years, Nexes has been using European programmes to enhance active participation of young people, help […]

  • Pistes Solidaires (coordinator)

         France   Created in 2002, Pistes-Solidaires is a non-profit association set up in accordance with the French Association Law (1901). The objectives of the association include the development of exchanges in the social, cultural, educational and economic realms, […]