Potsdam, Germany


The Inwole e.V. organisation is in charge of a Project House in Potsdam. Here we try to reconnect different aspects of life (settlement, work, social, cultural, politics), which are often separated in modern cities. 24 people from 4 countries are currently living in the Project House.

Around 50 people, with various social and cultural origins, are committed to the different projects of the house. The strengths of our work are the intercultural projects, ecology, popular education (emancipation and self-suggested) and social economy projects. Therefore, we organise a “Workshop House” that serves as a house for self-employment and offers open workshops. The organisation is acknowledged as professional assistance to youth (“anerkannter freier Träger der Jugendhilfe”) and as “Generations House” (Mehrgenerationen Haus) The association is running since 6 years an unique center in its own space in Potsdam – Babelsberg. Currently the center incorporates a living project for people, a seminar and guests floor, a workshop part for different crafts, regular offer of public kitchen, as well as 4 different project fields.

The project has a selfconception of being a political project, which is engaged since years in working in anti-racist, emancipatory and ecological networks. The association is working on the basis of principles of self-organisation, direct democracy and mainly on voluntary work basis.

The Project house Potsdam is an intercultural project, which gives opportunities for people from different countries and backgrounds to work and live within the project.

Another important part of the Project house Potsdam is the “Werkstatthaus” it is a kind a workshop of self-organisation. Everybody can use the workshop and built for example his own furniture ore make by themselves a cup in the pottery workshop.

Kontakt zum Förderverein innovativer Wohn- und Lebensformen
Rudolf Breitscheid Straße 164 14482 Potsdam Land Brandenburg Deutschland
Telefon: 0331-70 44 27 10 Fax 0331-70 44 27 14