Nexes Interculturals

Barcelona, Spain


Nexes Interculturals is a youth association working social transformation and active participation through intercultural and local experiences of young people. Since 10 years, Nexes has been using European programmes to enhance active participation of young people, help them to set up projects, train them, give them resources and opportunities to grow up professionally and personally. To achieve the goals and mission of Nexes, we promote:

  • Intercultural experiences and empowerment of young people: European Voluntary Service, vocational training projects of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme (hosting and sending), youth exchanges, Grundtvig projects, leisure and cultural local activities, and many other activities for young people and for adults.
  • Training and counselling: information sessions and guidance, workshops, training courses, counselling for youth mobility.
  • Cooperation: youth cooperation projects, projects to increase awareness, participation in international networks.

To carry out this project we collaborate with several institutions, NGOs and we participate in several local and international networks.
Nexes has been working with the topic of sustainable development since 3 years as a way to change the society and educate people through youth projects. Nexes has participated in Otesha Youth Exchange organised by Pistes Solidaires in 2009 on this topic and then created a local group to keep on working at local and international level.

In 2009, a local project called “Junts fem mes” proposed to train some youth leaders on these topics to be able to do workshops in schools and institutions of the city. One of the training was based on urban gardens work for social transformation.
In 2010, Nexes was also partner of Pistes Solidaires in the project Global Impact where young people with fewer opportunities has been working at local and international level to raise awareness on education for sustainable development. The group created a Theatre Play, organised local events and dissemination events.
On the other hand, Nexes has always been a link (as “nexes” means “links” in Catalan) between people and organisations and when it decided to be part of this project, the idea was also to contact many gardens and organisations working on that topic.
Nexes Interculturals de Joves per Europa

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