In this section the various resources created by the EU’GO project are available.

The focus is a multimedia material showing one important step of the project. It changes regularly.

The documentation part is divided in 5 themes:

  • Social inclusion and integration
  • Professional training and integration
  • Education to sustainable development
  • Active participation and citizenship
  • Other

In each category, the partnership has made available resources developed during the project, for further use by the public in order to develop new projects and educational activities.



    The section gathers all e-learning materials developed in the EU’GO project to let potential users know about new projects ideas and educational activities in the urban gardening field.  



    Keyhole Gardens are a great garden to make – here is one being built in Uganda. This organic technique is part of Send a Cow’s training in sustainable agriculture and is a great home garden idea too. Keyhole gardens survive […]