Active participation and citizenship

Community composting, down social housing buildings (FR)
Organize a community composting platform backed by a shared garden in residential buildings



Kitchens in Gardens (FR)
We offer gardeners to organize festive meals on the gardens. Vegetables and herbs from the garden are used to cook meals. It opens the gardens to other people, interests and concerns and create greater cohesion between gardeners, non-gardeners of the social housings, and with gardeners from other city gardens.



Arts in the Garden (FR)
Sets up cultural evenings in the direction of a local public. This is free theater taking place in the garden under the olive trees. Theatrical performances are offered by the Theatre Companies in exchange for a rehearsal room made available by the entertainment center.



Agroecological cineforum (SP)
To bring together people in a community space for reflexion about agriculture. Through the use of audiovisual, we have managed to get together, to dialogue and to learn together.




Social and Intergenerational ecology (SP)
Squatted place with people living set up communitarian garden to involve local community, get integrated and spread their idea of alternative way of living



National Garden Scheme (UK)
People open their own gardens to the public for a small fee through the National Garden Scheme. All money raised go to charity


Sponsorship for planters (DE)
During a road construction a citizens’ group and the city council made an agreement for the further design of the pavement. The city council provided 55 mobile planters. The inhabitants can create the planters according to their own wishes but have to pay the plants. The city council is still the owner of the planters and pays the bill for water.



Sponsorship for tree pits (DE)
The pits are the area along the trunk of trees in cities. It often belongs to municipality and in bad condition (compacted soil, polluted by dirt). The inhabitants are asked by the city council to pour the trees and to plant the pits. The borough office advises (if desired) which plants are useful. In addition some boroughs close a contract with the gardener.



The Open Space (IT)
We asked an association of dog owners who had entrusted the public park Nuccitelli Persiani to free a piece of land in order to create a shared community garden for common disposal. The little park is in a crowded square in the Pigneto neighbourhood and everybody can take care of the garden, harvest the vegetables and participate in any kind of activity/action related to the garden.