Education to sustainable development

In garden school (FR)
Each teacher has a teaching project on the garden with his class. The garden is created in the school and animated 1⁄2 day per week by an association. All school students come to school garden, by semi-group.




Collaborative construction site with teens (FR)
Construct facilities / Design/ Landscape the garden with teens



Eco-construction with recycled materials (FR)
Build together in the garden: bench, pizza oven, garden shed, …with “ecological” techniques




Create a water pond(FR)
build together a water pond in the garden => social link: work together, preservation of biodiversity, environmental education




ABCdary of touching and smelling plants (FR)

An abecedary of plants in our garden presents plants interesting to touch and/or smell, with particular attention to plants characteristic of our area and climate, and plants easy to find in our everyday environment.




Small scale organic production linked with a cooperative of consumers (SP)
The garden is linked with a consumption cooperative to provide ecological vegetables but also create new links between consumers and producers through the visits to the garden, workshops, etc.




The garden culture within the theatre (IT)
School garden that offers youngsters a new way of learning about the earth, the plants and the healthy food, a way to experiment the garden and to reflect about it in a creative way.
• To use theatre and gardening as educational methods
• To teach about gardening and healthy food
• To develop an attitude and a behavior respectful to the environment



My natural garden(IT)
The recreational and educational work-shops inside the synergistic garden were born from the desire of sharing our love for nature, art and teaching.This is why we use an experiential methodology, combining traditional knowledge and practices with modern digital technologies and art.





School of organic horticulture
The school has its own garden of 1500 square metres where beginners’ courses in organic horticulture are carried out.